BIOGRAPHY of Alex Red Kenaton



Meet Alex Red Kenaton, a true Renaissance man with a boundless imagination.

He started his career in interior architecture but returned to university to pursue his passion for learning. Along the way, he has received numerous awards and honours for his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in a wide range of subjects, including Ancient History, Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, Ethics, Morality, Psychology, Comparative Religions, Molecular and Cognitive Neurosciences, and many others. Some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, The University of Edinburgh, M.I.T., and The University of Chicago, have recognised his achievements by delivering certificates and diplomas. Currently, Alex is busy studying with the Department of Continuing Education at Oxford University and is an active member of The Resonance Academy Foundation, a scientific organisation dedicated to studying Quantum Mechanics, Unified Field Theory, and the Generalized Holographic Model. Member of the ©Historical Novel Society, he is not only a science scholar but has also delved into the mysterious world of ancient cultures, getting a Higher Diploma in Theosophy at the Theosophical Society in England.

His insatiable thirst for knowledge is for his scripts.

This transversal and interdisciplinary approach has given him a unique understanding of different aspects of human life. With his passion for metaphysics, he enjoys comparing the latest scientific discoveries in physics with classical spiritual texts, uncovering remarkable similarities.


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